Grindstone Yearbook Welcomes Changes for 2013-2014

The new staff of the Baldwin Wallace University’s Grindstone Yearbook hopes to boost student involvement with a new look and layout for the 2014 yearbook.
Senior Paige Greene, the Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook, has been working hard to get the word out that this yearbook will be different from the years past.
“We are changing the layout completely. It is going to look more like high school yearbook,” Greene said.
The yearbook will contain more pictures that coincide with one central theme. “In the past, the yearbook didn’t necessarily flow. We plan on having a theme and making the whole book cohesive,” said Greene.
The members of the staff have been working to take photos of the all events that have happened on campus so far this year.
“We try to take all the pictures for the yearbook before the second semester so we can spend that semester working on the layout,” Greene said.
Not all of the pictures make it into the yearbook. When you order a yearbook you get a card with code that lets you access photos that might not have been used.
The staff is broken up into sections and co-sections that work on the layout and pages. Greene and the advisor, Carrie Short, look over the work of all the sections.
Because all of last year’s predominantly senior staff graduated, the staff this year is completely new. “We hired mostly freshman this year because we wanted fresh ideas and wanted people willing to work for the yearbook in the years following” said Greene.
This year, the yearbook staff have come up with different contests to try to increase senior involvement with the yearbook.
During the last week of October, Oct 28 through Nov. 1, professional studio photographers will be coming to campus to take portraits of the seniors for this year’s edition.
If 175 seniors sign up and get their portraits taken, the yearbook will donate $500 to the YJ4L Scholarship Fund in the name of the Class of 2014. After a senior gets their portrait taken they can also fill out an entry form to win $100 that will be given to any student organization of their choice or donate to YJ4L. Five winners will be drawn.
Seniors interested in signing up for a session can go to
They are also holding a contest for seniors who reserve a copy of the 2014 yearbook by Friday Nov. 11. These seniors will be entered to win a full grad package, which includes a free copy of the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Grindstone Yearbooks.
The cost for the 2014 Grindstone is currently $45 and can be paid with your Jacket Express, but the price does go up as the semester progresses.  Order forms can be found online at