Fraternity Hosts Philanthropy Event With a Lot of Heart


Sigma Phi Epsilon

Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity with Queen of Hearts winner, Alison Fiorucci.

Sarah DiMarco, Contributing Writer

Baldwin Wallace University’s Sigma Phi Epsilon Ohio Zeta Chapter held their 5th annual philanthropy event, Queen of Hearts Event, raising over $1226 for their philanthropy.
The event was started five years ago by Sig Ep to fundraise for their philanthropic organization, Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Queen of Hearts is a type of pageant where women compete in different categories. The contestants consist of BW women that had been nominated by organizations they participant in. The event is a national tradition among the fraternity.
“Many other   chapters   have put  on a similar philanthropy event, under the same title, in the pageant format,” said Vice President of Communications, D’Angelo Sanders.
The event, hosted by sophomore Sam Trapp and junior Drevell Showers (both broadcasting and mass communications majors), started with the packed crowd being introduced to the twelve contestants, each prepared with a talent and video ready to present for a panel of judges.
The contestants included Emily Payne, Megan Leyde, Mandy Durma, Kristina DeGiralmo, Morgan Rudge, Erin Milligan, Alison Fiorucci., Olivia Watson, Lindsey Poyar, Kristin Schultz, Domenique DeMaria, and Taylor Chervat.
Each contestant, in turn, explained why they deserved to be the Queen of Hearts through video, and then showcase their talent in front of the crowd. A variety of talents were showcased, including Rudge with her ability to identify different clothing brands blindfolded and Schultz introducing the crowd to her rapping alter ego, Lil’ Kri$$y. From dog whispering to rapping, each performer brought their A game.
A few acts, in particular, stood out from the rest.
DeGiralmo, a junior nominated by Zeta Tau Alpha, taught the entire room how to bake a cake including the important step of cracking an egg on your head.  Fiorucci, a junior nominated by the women’s softball team, made everyone relive their childhood with her impersonation of Hannah Montana, while DeMaria–a senior nominated by Alpha Sigma Phi–caused the entire crowd to burst into laughter with her rendition of “Crazy in Love,” which included a shout to BW’s own Marc West.
These three women were the finalists selected to continue on to the question category of the event. The hard-hitting questions asked in this category ranged from what their pet peeves were to which celebrity they would have dinner with.
Ultimately, the judges named Alison Fiorucci as the Queen of Hearts.
“Ohio Zeta is extremely thankful to the Baldwin Wallace community for the support we received at our 5th Annual Queen of Hearts. The funds raised serve a philanthropy we are proud to support, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and this year’s experience only makes the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon more excited for next year’s Queen of Hearts,” Sanders said at the event’s conclusion.
Along with finding success with this event, Sig Ep has received many awards both from the school and nationally over the last few months. At the recent Greek Life Awards on campus, Sig Ep received Best IFC Delegate, Michael Ellis; Outstanding Chapter Development Program for 2014; and Outstanding Improvement for 2014 among the seven awards in total. They also were rewarded nationally with an Expositor’s Award for Academic Achievement.