Faith and Science Collide at Lecture Series

This year’s Faith and Life Lecture Series, in partnership with the Voices of Inspiration Speaker Series, features three events with speaker, author and professor Dr. Ilia Delio.

Delio has completed “high-level interdisciplinary work” in science and religion, said Dr. Alan Kolp, chair of BW Faith and Life.

“She has a doctorate in both worlds, which is pretty amazing,” said Kolp.

Delio has written 20 books, including “The Emergent Christ” and “The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: God, Evolution and the Power of Love.”

Delio’s lectures address topics like thinking about faith in a scientific context and thinking about theology in the 21st century, said Kolp.

The first event was a sold-out lecture that took place on Thursday, Feb. 20 in Lindsay-Crossman Chapel.

The lecture was titled “Deep Relationality and a New Religion of the Earth.”

The second lecture will take place on Friday, Feb. 21 at 10 a.m. in Lindsay-Crossman Chapel. It is titled “Evolution and the Dynamism of God.”

Carrie Drozdz, administrative specialist for the chair of BW Faith and Life, said that she anticipates that many of the people that will attend the events are familiar with Delio’s work.

“She’s gained momentum and popularity as the years have gone by,” said Drozdz.

In addition to being a well-known scholar of religion, Delio is an actively practicing member of the Franciscan community.

Franciscans take faith-based vows and strive to live a life that is committed to service, said Kolp.

“Her life is committed to, in a sense, being in the world and serving the world,” said Kolp.

The third event is a panel that will be held in Sandstone Three in Strosacker Hall.

The panel will give BW students the opportunity to ask Delio thoroughly researched questions, said Drozdz.

“I really enjoy that one the best because it showcases BW students,” said Drozdz.

BW students participating in the panel include Abi Louisin, Stanley Bleich and Ashtyn Morris.

Professor of Religion, Dr. Ellen Posman and Kolp will also be sitting on the panel, alongside Delio.

Kolp said that the Faith and Life Lecture Series is an example of BW providing something for the larger community.

“I feel delighted that she’s coming, and I feel grateful for the college having the funds to make that possible,” said Kolp.