Electric Ministry Celebrates First Evening of Worship


The passion for music and singing continues is transcending religious ideologies on Baldwin Wallace’s campus.  

A new student ministry organization, Electric Ministry, held their first worship night on Thursday, March 31 in the Conservatory. Senior Maggie George, an executive director of Electric Ministry, worked alongside her 6 colleagues for two months to plan their first worship on BW. 

“The idea kind of was formed in October and then there were just conversations about it for that semester,” George said. “So, it kind of really [came] together in February.” 

Electric Ministry was founded by George. This is her first time running a ministry. The organization offers Christians, those questioning their faith, or non-believers an accessible environment to learn about God and get involved in a community.  

“It will be like a typical young adult worship service,” George said. “So socialization, music, and a speaker.” 

This new ministry will hold their worship service every Thursday night starting at 6:15 p.m. inside Fynette Kulas Hall at the Conservatory. On April 14, the service will not be conducted since many students will leave campus during the Easter Break.  

According to George, the main goal for Electric Ministry is to make people understand that Christianity is not exclusive and that anybody, no matter their background, can join their worships and events.  

“So this organization, it’s not only like a worship experience for Christians,” George said. “It’s to provide that inclusive, accessible opportunity for anyone to come and realize that they’re loved.” 

Each worship night, Electric Ministry will present a different speaker with diverse backgrounds and experiences. They want to maintain diversity in their ministry. The board also acknowledges that BW’s campus has a large population of non-believers. 

“I wanted to make sure that we have a wide variety of perspectives,” George said. “So people didn’t feel like, if they come and don’t like the preacher, they know there’s a different one every week.”  

According to George, the ministry aims to acknowledge the misconceptions around Christianity and that some of its followers have done terrible things. As well, they want to make people understand that some of God’s followers’ actions don’t reflect his love and heart, George said.  

“I think that we have to show them and explain to them that it is about love,” George said. “Like it is about a God that loves you and that there isn’t a God that hates you.”  

As a senior, George is trying to look for ways to make the Electric Ministry continue and remain even after she graduates this upcoming December. She’s excited for this ministry to continue and hopes to find people who can lead and have the same objectives as her and her team.  

“As long as it remains the focus, the complete foundation of Electric and our series is to show who God is.” George said.