Dance Marathon Raises Large Sum for Pediatric AIDS Foundation

After 12 hours of no rest, Dance Marathon, a fundraiser in partnership with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, ended late on Feb. 26 with over $13,000 raised. 

“After the pandemic I would say it was a successful Dance Marathon,” Kelsey Heichel, the student director of the event, said. “Dance Marathon has not been around for 2 years and the support we’ve had from people coming by and donating has been amazing.” 

With the help of the dancers, the “steering team” – the event planners – and the donations from all the supporters, the grand total came to $13,898 dollars.  

Bianca Marinelli, a dancer for Dance Marathon said participating in the event was a positive experience – even though it came with some physical effects. 

“I’m feeling a little sore,” Marinelli said. “Definitely a lot of standing and dancing but I had a really fun time. My energy is still up even though I’ve been up since 9 a.m.” 

For Moral Coordinator Grace Krieger, putting on the event was hard work, but it was a labor of love. 

“I’ve been here since 8 a.m. and I am a little sleepy,” Krieger said. “But it’s for such a great cause that’s very dear to my heart.” 

Marinelli said that the money will be in good hands with the EGPAF, an organization dedicated to preventing AIDS in children and supporting affected children with advocacy and research efforts. 

“EGPAF is a great cause to support and I believe Dance Marathon is a great way to do it,” said Marinelli. “People get to hang out with friends all day while raising money and I love that.”