COVID-19: Book Rental Returns

Many BW students are asking a lot of questions during this unprecedented time. While big questions regarding graduation and registration seem to be at the forefront of these concerns, there are others that are just as important. One of these is what to do with rental textbooks that are now sitting in students’ houses and not on campus.

Thankfully, the BW bookstore is being quite flexible with how books can be returned.

In an email sent out on March 18, George Schiller and the rest of the staff at the bookstore provided multiple options for textbook return, seeming to emphasize an online alternative called VitalSource.

On this site, students can add the online versions of their books. While they cannot return hardcopies to either bookstore because of the university’s closing, students are encouraged to drop rentals off at Safety and Security, 296 Beech Street at any time.

But what about students who cannot return the textbooks in person? The bookstore is offering an option for students who may live far from campus.

Students in this situation have the option to send their books back to BW through the USPS or UPS. For those who choose to do this, the university advises tracking the package, as well as sending the bookstore an email detailing when the package was sent and what shipping method was used.

The bookstore urges all students doing this to make sure they include a note on each book returned, stating the student’s ID number.

A receipt email will be sent to the student’s inbox when the package is received.