Department of Communication Arts & Sciences hosts 10th annual ‘Public Relations Mix and Mingle’

Students in an event planning class applied what they learned to plan and host the 10th annual PR Mix & Mingle 


Courtesy of Florinda André

The PR, Marketing and Communications Mix and Mingle where industry professional speed networked every 15 minutes at a different table. The professionals sat at the heads of the tables while the students sat on the sides.

On April 12, the Department of Communication Arts & Sciences hosted the 10th annual PR Mix & Mingle at the Center For Innovation and Growth. The event featured different employers in the communications, public relations and marketing fields. Such employers that attended were Dix & Eaton, Cleveland Browns, Beck Center of the Arts and more.  

BW alumni made up about 75 percent of the representatives who attended giving students the opportunity to network and learn about different employers and the professional opportunities they offered.

Students from an event planning class CAS-125 taught by Kristen M. Glazer, an adjunct faculty member, and a senior philanthropy advisor, arranged the employers and planned the event.  

“We’ve essentially been working on it the entire semester, and [the students have] done everything from creating the invite list for our professionals to grooming [and] making sure we have a variety of organizations and jobs. As well, they’ve made the flyer for [the event],” Glazer said.  

Olivia Nassif, a sophomore public relations major, and Sunaina Kabadkar, a junior creative writing major, took the lead and reached out to professionals and educated them about BW. Bayleigh Pocock, a junior digital marketing and graphic design major, designed the flyer and different brochures. The rest of the students in the class placed the flyers everywhere around campus.  

Glazer created the event in 2010 when she was a senior at BW with the help of her advisor, Julie Miller who is currently the director of the public relations program. 

“I needed to take a class that I couldn’t fit into my schedule, and so I had to work with my advisor,” Glazer said. “We came up with an alternative coursework and I actually created the event in lieu of one of my classes.” 

Glazer named the event “PR for Nonprofits” since its focus was on having nonprofit organizations that were within public relations.  

The event was a success and became an annual event for PR students. For this year’s event, they decided to change the name to “PR, Communications, and Marketing Mix & Mingle.” 

“Our class had a conversation and really led the decision to open it up from just nonprofits… to a wide variety of organizations,” Glazer said.  

Glazer advised students to attend the event and come excited to network and ask questions regarding a specific field they are interested in. As well, she recommended bringing a resume to give to different employers they might be interested in and want to learn more about their opportunities.  

Glazer told The Exponent she wanted to thank Nassif, Kabadkar, and Pocock for their hard work in planning for this event, as well as Julie Miller for supporting it every year since 2010.