Career Closet Helps Students Find Professional Attire

BW’s Career Center has gone through many changes this past school year, including moving to the garden level of the Union for a bigger space and upgrades to their programs, but one of the most notable and helpful additions for students is the Career Closet. 

The Career Closet is a place for students to get professional business attire for job interviews, career fairs, and anything they need. What sets apart the Career Closet from retail stores? Any clothes that a student takes are completely free and there is no return policy. Students get to keep the clothes after they take them for any future business endeavors they may run into. 

The idea for the Career Closet originated from a student employee of the Career Center, Kate Ganczarz, who was given a $3,000 grant from the Women for BW Organization. The closet runs entirely on donations so money to start the program was essential. Patrick Keebler, director of career services, has been behind the idea from the beginning for several reasons. 

“It’s hard to find professional clothing,” Keebler said. “Many of our students have financial needs. We felt this would provide students with more confidence and feel more prepared when they go to career events.”  

Career Services is also starting to offer appointments through Handshake for students to have Career Closet fittings. This way as the closet gains traction, students can have private time to pick out the clothes they want. 

The Career Center is taking a step further with its closet. After students pick out their professional outfits, they can reserve a room to conduct any online interviews that they have. 

“We have two interview rooms equipped with the technology needed for online interviews like a professional camera, microphone, and lights,” Keebler said. “We have a ‘do not disturb’ sign to put on the doors so that the students can have a private interview.” 

The Career Center expansion students more opportunities to prepare for the professional world. They hope to add hold more programs and career fairs where students can show off their professional outfits and practice their interview skills.