Campus Notices Changes to BW Bookstore


Cassandra Corridoni

New name-brand beauty and hygiene section in the campus bookstore.

Elaina Zachos, Contributing Writer

Students may have noticed the recent changes to  the interior displays of the Baldwin Wallace campus bookstore. George Schiller, the Director of Bookstore Operations, discussed these changes in further detail.
The bookstore’s previous contract with Apple technologies has expired, meaning that the store can no longer sell Apple products. However, Schiller has no regrets over this change.
“It’s almost a blessing to an end that we’re not constricted to a contract,” Schiller said.
Among other guidelines, Apple requires that retailers of their products display their technologies on free-standing platforms in the centers of display areas. Also, other products are not allowed to be displayed above the product.
This means that while Apple products were being displayed, items such as backpacks and water bottles could not be displayed on adjacent shelves above the Apple products. Nevertheless, Schiller and the bookstore are waiting to hear back from Apple headquarters to renew their contract.
Schiller said that the fact of the matter is that, “We don’t fit into their program as it sits.”
While the bookstore no longer sells Apple products, they continue to sell  generic computer mouses, Droid, Chrome books and other technologies that support Windows 8.1.
“We’ll continue to look for the right support products that students need,” Schiller said. “This is the biggest phase in the change of the store.”
Although the bookstore previously held gift cards to retailers, it no longer carries them. Microsoft Office, phone cards and Adobe products, however, continue to be sold.
Due to demand, the bookstore has added organic lip balm and soap, as well as other hygenic toiletries. This section is based mainly on convenience to students.
“Students buy what they want when they need it,” Schiller commented.
Furthermore, the BW bookstore is making changes to be a more competitive textbook-seller to students.
“The technology has changed the content industry a good deal,” Schiller said. “We do a lot of things to get the content into students’ hands as affordably as possible.”
The bookstore is working to sell more textbooks as digital books and provide access to for-content academic websites.