Campus Bookstore Now Offers New Gift Cards

The Baldwin Wallace University campus bookstore now offers a wider variety of gift cards in addition to its current products. The bookstore has offered iTunes gift cards and Xbox Live gift cards in the past, but now students can purchase gift cards for popular retail stores and chain restaurants.
If students are purchasing the gift cards with their Jacket Express cards, then they can only purchase one gift card per week from each category of card. The categories include retail, food, phone, and music. The one gift card can be any price, ranging from $15 to $50. Several options include Subway, Starbucks, American Eagle and Ulta.
“It is important for the students to be able to budget their money between their meals or their books – things that they essentially need – so getting a gift card is extra. That is why we decided to only offer one per week,” Cheryl Slater, a BW bookstore employee, said.
Students have the ability to purchase more than one gift card per category per week if they use different payment methods, such as cash or credit cards. Bookstore employees are optimistic about the success of the gift cards.
“It’s a new program this year, so we are going to test it out and hopefully it’ll continue into the future,” Slater said.
Students can also purchase Cedar Point Halloweekend tickets using their Jacket Express cards, and tickets are available until Oct. 27.