BWTV Makes a Comeback

BWTV is an organization run by the Communications department at BW which allows students studying media production or other related fields to hone and develop important skills for broadcast television and video production. 

The pandemic has been an uphill climb for universities and schools around the country and BWTV has not been spared of the many challenges. 

Professor Duane Battle, who leads the organization explained the BWTV students “haven’t been able to do many productions this semester. The mask mandate complicated things.”  

He said there was difficulty in following BW meeting restrictions, especially in the start of 2022 when students came back from winter break.  Since virtual meetings have become commonplace at BW and many other universities, this presents a challenge for BWTV. 

Battle said he was somewhat fatigued yet optimistic for the organization`s future in the current environment.   

“Once things blow over, hopefully there will be an explosion of creativity and that will give us a chance to retool and redo things moving forward,” Battle said.  

He also talked about an unnamed film festival that will be occurring sometime towards the last week of the spring semester. Zach Ottenweller is the student organizer of this event. (Disclosure: Ottenweller is also a member of The Exponent’s senior staff.) 

BW students who are interested in BWTV can contact either Battle or Ottenweller for more information on how to get involved.