BW’s Greek Organizations Kick off Annual Greek Week

Drew Boxler, Executive Editor

Greek Week—the week-long celebration of the Fraternity and Sorority community—took place on the Baldwin Wallace University campus February 9-13 and was packed full of fun events for every Greek Organization.
The week began with an introduction to Greek Week and the presentation of each fraternity and sorority’s God and Goddesses on Monday evening. Each fraternity and sorority  nominated  one of its members as a God or Goddess through a special voting process.
Throughout the week, an ongoing “Coin War” was held, leading up to the Greek Week Banquet held Friday night. During lunch and dinner hours, anyone could contribute coins to either benefit the running God/Goddess, or hinder the process.
As per usual with Coin Wars, coins increased points, whereas dollars detracted.
A Can Castle building challenge was also held in the Sandstone Conference rooms on Tuesday night, followed by a performance from comedian, Evan Wecksell, on Wednesday night.
Then, all of Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) teamed up with Midnight Madness—also known as MNM—to hold a dodgeball competition in the Lou Higgins Rec Center. Friday, the “Weakest FSLink,” a variation on the hit game show “The Weakest Link,” was held in the Union Ballroom. Finally, Greek Week ended with the “Heart of Greek Week Banquet” Saturday evening.
At the center of the planning for this busy week was junior English major, Emily Gruber, and Freshman Alex Papke. Gruber said that planning for this Greek Week was fairly short compared to years previous.
Typically, planning the events takes place over the course of the whole semester prior to when Greek Week is held, according to Gruber. However, this year, due to complications with the previous Programming and Finance chair, planning was cut to only a month and a half.
“[The planning] was brought upon us really fast, but we managed to plan out each day’s events successfully” she said.
Though the planning was eventually complete, Gruber said that there were still times when things would pop up last minute—supplies would have to be purchased, or items would have to be retrieved from the SLC—resulting in a lot of running errands.
Though the week was very stressful, Gruber said that she truly enjoyed the experience and is excited to begin planning for the next Greek Week.