BW to hold first rap and EDM festival

Baldwin Wallace University is planning its first ever rap and electronic dance music (EDM) festival for the fall of 2018. This project is being led by Chad Castilla and a new student organization called Power of Musical Connections (POMC). 

The idea for this project came as Chad Castilla was beginning his college search during his freshman year of high school. 

“I was touring Ball State and I asked if the school had music festivals. They said two students decided to create an annual music festival on their own and I wanted to be able to impact my university in a similar way,” said Castilla 

Castilla grew up in Chicago, where there is a large market for music festivals. Chicago hosts major music festivals every year including Lollapalooza, Riot Fest, and Spring Awakening Music Festival.  

There are currently not many major music festivals in Cleveland, but Castilla is hoping to tap into a niche market with this new music festival.  

“There is a large market for EDM and underground rap in Ohio, particularly in the Columbus area.” said Castilla  

The POMC festival will feature both student performers and big-name artists. It will not be exclusive to the Baldwin Wallace campus, but will be an event that the entire community can celebrate. 

While Castilla is the CEO and founder of the music festival, the new student organization POMC—which Castilla also started—has played a major role in planning for this festival as well.  

“I have had a great mentor in Erika Hastell [the POMC advisor] to help me with this project. Rachel Hagemeier [POMC artistic advisor] has also been a great help to me in the planning process,” said Castilla. 

POMC gives students the opportunity to work hands-on within the professional music business and create connections with various professionals. The organization also gives students the opportunity to help in the planning process of this major music festival.  

Planning for the music festival has been ongoing since the fall of 2017 and will continue throughout the spring 2018 semester.  

“This semester we are going to mainly focus on the planning and logistics and in the fall, we will begin to focus on marketing,” said Castilla. 

Castilla hopes this festival can become an annual event at BW and continue after he graduates. 

“Music is the reason I wake up, and I want to be able to spread the power of music and impact my university.”