BW students share their most awkward online dating stories

No surprise, many students at Baldwin Wallace students have gone through their fair share of strange online dating experiences and been on some hilariously horrible first dates. 

No surprise, many students at Baldwin Wallace students have gone through their fair share of strange online dating experiences and been on some hilariously horrible first dates.   

During their first year of college, Jo Lawson, a junior film and creative writing major, went out with someone whose age was wrong on their profile. They also still lived in a single dorm while Lawson had their own apartment, which was alarming to Lawson.   

Lawson said they didn’t think he did it on purpose because many people lie about their age, considering a person must be 18 to be on Tinder, and when someone makes their Tinder profile while still in high school, they typically forget to change it after they graduate.    

Lawson matched with someone, and they had a good conversation via text until he invited Lawson to his dorm.    

“I thought he was being facetious, but he was actually very adamant about playing chess. Almost begging me,” Lawson said.   

Lawson did not reach out to their date again. He subsequently blocked Lawson on every social media platform.   

Lawson shared another moment off campus when a man appeared to put pictures on his profile that made him look quite young. In reality, he was around 26.    

“He only posted pictures of him in high school and not current pictures, so when I met up with him, he looked so different from his profile which was so weird,”  Lawson said.   

Lawson said that they have had much better experiences dating women than men.   

“Much better, more comfortable experiences,” Lawson said. However, Lawson said that they find that women are a little more intimidating than men.   

“If the date was held at my place, I would make a playlist and clean my apartment. I would never do that for a man. And plus, I felt comfortable having girls over for the first date,” Lawson said. 

Lawson then clarified how dating women was “more innocent and casual, and there’s no sexual pressure.”   

Megan Deem, a sophomore exercise science major, spoke of her memorable experiences on Tinder.   

“This guy and I matched on Tinder and he immediately sent a message and said, ‘There is no way you’re a personal trainer,’ and then proceeded to unmatch me,”  Deem said.  

Deem also talked about another moment that stood out to her when opening up to a Tinder match who started messaging her.   

“It was going really well,” Deem said. “He asked if we wanted to hang out, and I said, ‘I want to be upfront and not give you the wrong impression; I am not one that likes to hook up.’ He then calls me a fat ugly bitch and unmatched with me.”   

Yana Kryvak, a senior public health major, went out with a a friend of her ex who had wanted to go out with her for some time. After a year, she decided to go on a date with him. They went to Swenson’s, and Kryvak was the chauffeur for the night.    

Kryvak said that the date began awkwardly and eventually went wrong.  

“This man starts singing, and that’s fine, like we were just listening to music on our way there, but he was singing like, being for real, not casually singing along but like actually belting the notes,” Kryvak said. “I think he thought he was really good and it was fine, but it was just so uncomfortable… it felt like he was waiting for me to compliment his voice,” Kryvak laughed. “I hated that. On top of that, at Swenson’s, my car battery died and I literally had to call someone to jump-start my car, and he said that he was gonna call his freaking dad! My worst nightmare is meeting a parent on the first date when I’m the one driving.”  

After the date, he reached out to Kryvak and expressed how much fun he had and wanted to do it again sometime. Of course, that was very short-lived, and they did not hang out again.    

“It’s not much of a crazy story, but that’s my one-and-only date experience, Kryvak said. “Be safe out there, ladies.”