BW students aim to connect from afar

With the recently released Stay At Home order effective in Ohio and the push for social distancing all over the country, students from a large number of universities have returned home, away from the familiar faces they see on campus. Despite being away from campus, Baldwin Wallace students are able to connect with their friends and peers through the technology at their fingertips.  

During interviews with multiple BW students, the daily usage of digital means of communication such as texting and social media were highlighted as the focuses of their current social lives. One method of communication was noted by every student interviewed: FaceTime. “I prefer FaceTime,” said one student. “It’s more personal.” 

The difficulty of connecting with distant friends varied for each student interviewed. One student said that it has not been difficult for him to connect with his close friends during the remote learning period, but not many others.

“There’s a lot of people who I don’t get to see or talk to as much now,” he said, “but it just goes to show how nice it is having people around you.” 

Other students are finding it a bit more challenging overall. One Conservatory of Music student said that she feels isolated from the college experience all together.

“It’s the moments during the day or at night when my roommate isn’t by me, or I’m practicing my instrument without hearing others… that is weird,” she said. “You can’t recreate that.”