BW Offers Pell Grant Recipients Free Summer Tuition

This summer, students who receive the Federal Pell Grant will be able to take two free summer classes at Baldwin Wallace.  

The Summer Tuition Incentive Grant Program summer program was created to help students keep up with their coursework or allow them to participate in programs such as study abroad, teaching assisting, or facilitate an internship. The program was first piloted in 2017.  

The STING program is offered to Pell Grant recipients to take summer classes or 8 credit hours, which are normally offered at a discounted tuition cost of $525 per credit hour. The Pell Grant will cover the majority, if not all, tuition, and with additional grants, students can take extra classes over the summer without concern for the extra costs. 

Financial Aid Counselor Laura Boswell describes the Pell Grant as “a federal grant that is need-based, determined when you file your FAFSA.”  

Any class taken in the STING program is official and will count towards a student’s GPA. Additionally, summer housing is offered at $50 per week for students participating in this program. 

Nancy Jirousek, senior director of transfer and military services, said that participating in the STING program will not only benefit students during the summer, but in the traditional fall-spring schedule as well. 

“STING gives students flexibility in spreading out their classes, allows them to take a lighter fall and spring load,” Jirousek said. “So, you will be able to work harder on your classes if you can take less classes during one semester,”  

The deadline for students to apply to and join this program is May 1. BW’s Financial Aid office is located in Bonds Hall and is open Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.