BW Health Services Help Keep You Healthy

Cailtin Sukalac, Contributing Writer

As the cold winter months start to roll around the corner, cold season sets in on BW’s campus. Fortunately for BW students, the Health Center is here to help.
It is important to know how to take precautions to stay healthy during the school year, especially during the colder months. Some ways to stay healthy include many common sense techniques that might be overlooked.
It is important to be washing hands, especially after touching the nose, mouth, or eyes and if there has been any contact with people that are sick.
Avoid sharing drinks with anyone because germs are easily spread in this manner, but staying hydrated is important because flus and colds often deprive the body of fluids.
Even though staying up late to cram may seem ideal, it is most important to make sure the body receives an adequate amount of sleep.
If possible, try to take over-the-counter medicine to help suppress the symptoms. When the symptoms are persistent, it is most important to visit the doctor so the illness can be treated.
Lauren Bara, Ob/Gyn Nurse Practioner, and the director of Health Services, encourages students to go to Health Services to get a flu shot because they lower the risk of getting the flu.
It is hard to keep working, studying and playing when feeling under the weather, so it is important to take the proper measures to get back into the swing of things.
All Baldwin Wallace students have the opportunity to take advantage of Health Services on campus, located on the corner of Beech and Bagley. Health Services is a health care center that is confidential and easily accessible with  little to no cost for any students enrolled in at least one class.
There are registered nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians to examine patients. The staff and faculty are very friendly and are adamant about caring for their patients. The registered nurses are there during the hours that they are open, but the physicians and nurse practitioners are only available for a couple hours each day.
It is not necessary to make an appointment, unless you are seeking sexual health care, or in need of daycare or work physicals. They are able to see and care for patients with any illness, injury, and other conditions such as acne, burns, warts, etc.
Health Services also run certain lab tests, make referrals, remove stitches, and lend medical supplies, such as crutches.
When visiting Health Services there is no charge to be seen by a nurse or doctor, and insurance is not required. Some treatments such as medications, lab tests, vaccines, and medical supplies will have a small charge. The charge can be paid with a Jacket Express, cash, check, or be added to your college bill.