BW Cyber Café Debuts New Contemporary Look


Stephanie Kumler

The updated look of Baldwin Wallace’s newly-renovated Cyber Café. The café’s new, more contemporary look includes new carpet, paint and furniture among other newly finished renovations.

As the semester passes mid-term season and comes closer to finals week, students and faculty at Baldwin Wallace University can now enjoy the renovations recently made in the Cyber Café.
From new furniture to a fresh layer of paint, the Cyber Café now sports a contemporary look.
Jon Burk, Director of Union and Conference Services said, “The renovations to the Cyber include new carpet throughout the entire area, re-painting of the walls and posts, removing the wire ‘grid’ from the south wall of the soft seating area to expose the natural brick, and new furniture throughout.”
Burk said, “The furniture and carpet were really showing significant wear and tear from years of heavy use. With the amount of traffic the area sees, and use it gets on a daily basis, it was important to address some of the aesthetic concerns in that space for both current and future students.”
In response to the need of an upgrade, students began to promote these renovations through their organizations.
Burk said, “While the Cyber had been on our radar for some time as an area we wanted to update after the Main Lobby, it was really Student Government that was instrumental in helping push this project though. Replacing the furniture in that area was a project that they were passionate about and something they really felt was important to the students.”
Although the Cyber Café is a popular spot for students to grab a cup of coffee or to study with friends, Burk said, “I think just like any other facility, common sense and basic respect for the area will help increase the life of the furniture and maintain the appearance of the area.”
For students who wish to keep the Cyber Café in its current condition, Burk asks that students do little  things to help maintain the café’s new look.
Burk suggested, “Small things like picking up after yourself, reporting spills so they can be addressed and not turn into stains, moving the furniture with care – things you would do to your own spaces. All the little things go a long way in helping preserve the appearance of any space.”
Students, faculty, and visitors may soon enjoy further renovations to different areas on campus as well.
“As far as the Union goes, in the short term, the Ballroom should be having the wallpaper removed and re-painting the entire room at some point this academic year.” said Burk.
“We would really like to see a renovation and expansion of the entire building, especially the dining areas, but that would be a major project and would be further out on