Beatles tribute band to perform

Baldwin Wallace students should get ready to travel back in time to 1964. The band, 1964 The Tribute, is making an appearance at BW on Wednesday, March 21, and with student ticket prices set at $5, this concert is worth attending.  

1964 The Tribute is a cover band dedicated to impersonating The Beatles, and does so with a surprising amount of British flair.  

According to Veronica Drdek, BW’s Administrative Assistant for Vice President of Student Affairs and Academic & Cultural Events Series, 1964 The Tribute even goes so far as to use all of the original equipment that The Beatles would have used, including original instruments and amplifiers.  

“They’re really authentic,” Drdek commented. “It’s a chance to see The Beatles… They even do the onstage banter; they have the British accents, too.”  

Drdek went on to mention that 1964 The Tribute specializes in the Beatles’ early work. “They’re the Beatle Mania songs… They’re the Beatles that you think of with the black suits and the ties,” she said. 

According to Jay T. Harrison, BW’s Assistant Dean of Students, even the way the band sets up the stage is identical to the way the Beatles did.  

Harrison went on to describe BW’s plans for the days following the concert. “It’s actually going to be like a three-day thing with The Tribute on the twenty-first.”  

Beyond the concert, Tom Mulready is going to be giving a lecture discussing “The Revolver,” which the BW Beatles will be focusing on. Finally, on March 24, The BW Beatles are putting on a sold-out performance entitled “Revolver” in Concert 

While the BW Beatles’ concert is sold out, there’s still some time left to get tickets for 1964 The Tribute. With only about 150 seats remaining, however, students will have to act fast. 

“It’s a piece of what I would call ‘Americana…’ It’s a taste of America’s glorious musical past,” Harrison said.  

According to Harrison, this concert is a chance to see not only a still very influential group, but to witness a band that took much of its inspiration from the music trends of the States.  

“I think it would be fun,” Drdek added. “You’re getting a taste of history… they opened the door for so many styles of music that came after them.”   

Beyond that, by acknowledging that they were inspired by artists such as Little Richard and James Brown, Harrison mentioned that The Beatles helped to bring attention to some of the Black artists in America during a very tumultuous time in our country’s history.