Baldwin Wallace Stinger Card Progress Report

Students of Baldwin Wallace University have been offered the option of transferring money from their Jacket Express card to a PNC VISA credit card.
Throughout the semester, students are now able to transfer up to $150 into a PNC bank account.  After opening up this account, students will receive the “Stinger Card,” a VISA card that will enable students to use this money anywhere VISA is accepted.
According to Vice President of Finance and Administration of Baldwin Wallace, Bill Reniff, students wanted to be able to use Jacket Express dollars off campus.
So far, students have responded well to the advent of the Stinger Card. During the fall semester, 85 students signed up. So far this spring, 170 students have signed up.
“We anticipate the number will grow over time,” Reniff said.
Senior Katherine Bennie commented on the new option of having the Stinger Card. “My eating options have expanded off-campus,” Bennie said.
Sophomore Drevell Showers believes he has benefited from the opportunity as well. “I have learned how to manage my money better and can use the money to start saving for other items,” Showers said.
However, some students have had difficulty with the Stinger Card. Senior Mitchell King signed up but never received his card loaded with $150. “Now I’m stuck with an account at PNC,” King said. “The Stinger Card was well-intentioned, but it either needs to be revamped or done away with.”
There have been no direct complaints from students to the administration, but there have been requests to transfer more money. However, Reniff believes that the $150 amount is sufficient enough, stressing that the remaining money on the Jacket Express card should to be used towards meal plans, the book store, laundry, vending, etc.
The form to enroll for the Stinger Card can be found at For more information on the PNC Bank account, go to