Alumni Spotlight: Aziz Ahmad

Alumni Spotlight: Aziz Ahmad

Aziz Ahmad

Aziz Ahmad is a recent graduate, who had been actively involved on and off campus since his freshman year. Even after graduating last semester, Aziz continues to commit himself to the pursuit of meaningful civic engagement to better the lives of the communities around him.

As stated previously, Aziz had been engaged in a multitude of organizations during his time at BW. For example, he was the co-founder and President of the Middle Eastern Culture Club, which runs social and cultural events on campus to educate students about Middle Eastern cultures and customs. Similarly, he was a member of the Hispanic American Student Association during his freshman and sophomore years.

Besides belonging to multicultural student organizations, Aziz was also a Resident Assistant, a tour guide and student coordinator in the Admissions Office, a course assistant, a tutor in the learning center, and the president of the Pi Sigma Alpha fraternity.

Even though Aziz had his plate full with these activities along with his schoolwork, he said he still had time to be politically engaged throughout the semesters.

“I was always trying to be active in some way…I hosted a peace rally on campus at one point, [along with writing] about political issues and solutions on different formats.”

Likewise, he was also a part of BW’s Model UN for two years, and won two awards during his involvement.

Aziz Ahmad
Photo Courtesy of Aziz Ahmad

Aziz’s experience is not limited to just BW’s campus: during the summer he had interned on Capitol Hill and appeared on Fox 8 news to make political commentary. Aziz has continued to be politically active after graduating last semester. When asked about how he felt about the presidential election’s results, he expressed disappointment.

“A lot of the policies being administered now are calling me to action…I helped organize the Cleveland Airport Protest against the Muslim Ban.”

In addition to planning the protest, Aziz also helped draft an email sent to the Cleveland City Council, which helped motivate the decision to label Cleveland as a “Sanctuary City.”

Additionally, Aziz and his friends are working on developing an organization with the goal to educate people in Cleveland and to rally for social change and combat bigotry.

Aside from politics, he is currently earning his Teacher’s License and will start teaching at an inner-city Cleveland school for the Teach for America program this May.