Arts House Hosts Free Monthly Open Mic Event

Gabrielle Radak, Contributing Writer

Jams n’ Java is a monthly open mic night hosted by the Arts House, a student-directed, living community that currently houses six students involved in various arts programs and organizations on campus. This year’s residents are juniors and seniors with majors such as theatre performance, theatre tech, studio art and creative writing.
As the name suggests, Jams n’ Java provides refreshments and entertainment to all those who attend. There is always unlimited coffee, tea and hot cocoa, along with some snacks to eat while watching various performances.
As an event where creativity and coffee flow freely, students are able to take a night off from school work and relax amongst the art being created within this space.
“It is a low-judgment place. People do not come here perfect at what they do, and that is okay,” senior Dominick Duda, a creative writing, major said.
Students can perform any talents they might have, such as reading poetry, performing a monologue or singing a song. If performing is not your cup of tea, then students are encouraged to join the audience to see what fellow students have to offer.
Duda has performed at Jams n’ Java for three years now, and he always sees heart in the performances that go on. People continue to wow him every time he attends.
“Once a month you get together in a big family,” Duda added. “We put aside everything in our schedules in order to have a feel good, electric time.”
If food and live entertainment are not enough to draw a crowd, this particular Jams n’ Java is free of charge, which sets it apart from the other Arts House events.
Senior Nic Campeotto urges students to come out and attend, as Jams n’ Java is meant to be for everyone, not just art-related majors.
In the past, Jams n’ Java created a haven for all who attend regardless of their major. The Arts House itself is a BW safe space that welcomes people from all backgrounds and social circles.
“What is important is that we are all coming together to share in something that we all love,” Campeotto said. “We all love art, and that is why the House exists.”
If you are interested in performing, contact [email protected] with the time you would like to begin your performance or sign up the night of. Time slots range from five to ten minutes.
Jams n’ Java will be making its semester debut  September 18th. This event will be held at the Arts House, located at 372 Front Street, behind the CIG. Doors will open at 8:30 p.m., and the event itself will begin at 9 p.m.
As the school year continues, keep an eye out for more Arts House events.