Adjusting Buzzy’s limited hours would benefit everyone

Like everybody in the world, students sometimes run out of groceries. He or she will think about going to Buzzy’s, but alas, they’re not open yet, and sometimes a student’s schedule either doesn’t allow her to go immediately or she could be too tired to go after class if she has a long day. Occasionally, like many students, she is either too busy or even too nervous to eat in the dining halls and ends up relying on what she has in her dorm for food. This is the reality for some students at BW, especially since most students on campus oftentimes do not have a car or a means to access outside grocery stores for food to take home, so they normally frequent their campus store. Because Buzzy’s doesn’t open until 4 p.m., students must spend the day waiting to get the necessary items they could otherwise get immediately if Buzzy’s adjusted their hours. Buzzy’s limited hours are not only an inconvenience for students but also the student food service workers as well; some people, such as myself for example, just can’t work very well in a fast-paced environment such as food service, where every minute is crucial. A quiet, lowkey environment can sometimes be more productive for a person than a loud, chaotic environment.

Having Buzzy’s open earlier in the day would benefit both the student workers who could use the opportunity for more hours and a quieter environment. It would also benefit the students who don’t have time to find a place to eat or just want something small, like a bag of chips or even a microwave burrito. They could grab a snack and just be on their way without having to stress about a disrupted schedule, which can through a whole day out of whack. Even opening an hour or two earlier is a reasonable solution so that students who may take exclusively night classes or those who have a gap in their schedule during the day would be able to go and shop for what they need without stressing about when the can find the time to go. It would simply mean more time and less stress for students with busy schedules to pick up the necessary groceries and the stuff that you may run out of in a pinch, such as soap or toothpaste, without having to plan your whole day around it.