‘52 Weeks’ features local artists’ talent


Artists all over the world dream to have their work displayed in people’s homes and Baldwin Wallace Alumni Candice Champion has made that possible for the artists of Northeast Ohio.

Skylar Sakonyi

Champion, a studio art major at BW, went on to work at AGC The Creative Advantage and teamed up with her colleagues to create 52 Weeks + 52 Works, said Darlene Michitsch, Chair of the Department of Art and Associate Professor.

52 Weeks + 52 Works is a calendar that features the talents of 52 artists from Northeast Ohio. The pieces range from paintings, sculptures, and jewelry. There is also a wide range of artists, said Rich Cihlar, Office Manager for the Department of Art.

“The show is a great mix of amateur, intermediate and professional artists,” said Cihlar.

To help promote the local artists, the department of art has created an exhibition in the Fawick Art Gallery displaying the 52 pieces that have been chosen to go in next year’s calendar.

The show will be from Nov. 1 through Dec. 6. In addition to the winners, they have also included honorable mentions. Cihlar said that last year the gallery displayed 72 artists while this year they have about 60 in the show.

According to Michitsch, this is the second consecutive year that they’ve displayed 52 Weeks + 52 Works. They’ve chosen to bring it back this year because of how much of an impact the project has had on the community.

“The artists have an opportunity to show their work, and it’s also good for our students to see what artists can do. They can see how these artists are entrepreneurial and take advantage of opportunities like this to get their work out there and to make it available to the public,” said Michitsch. “The students can also students see the different techniques, different media, the different use, and what’s across the board in art.”

Not only do the artists show off their hard work, but they are allowed to sell their pieces during the show and receive 100% of the profit, said Cihlar. The artists’ work is displayed in the gallery in addition to the calendar and can serve to be very helpful to the artist and client.

“We had most of the artists at the opening which is great because artists got to see other artists, and clients got to meet them and so on,” said Cihlar.

According to Cihlar, seeing the artwork in person creates a much different perspective for the viewer.

“Photographing them and putting them into print can sometimes alter them. You don’t see the texture; you don’t see some of the process, so it’s nice to have them right in front of you and to meet the artist,” said Cihlar.

Cihlar, who owns an art gallery of his own in Cleveland, arranged all of the pieces in the 52 Weeks + 52 Works show, said Michitsch.

“Rich is an absolute magician with his ability to organize the various pieces,” said Michitsch. “The presentation is stunning. It really comes together as an integrated show.”

While there are many prominent messages to take away from the show, Michitsch said that the most important message is focusing on the local talent.

“It demonstrates that there are quality artists everywhere and a lot of talent and initiative in our region. We think that it’s only in New York or L.A. or something that you’ll have artists in a high caliber. The arts are really strong and vital in our area and this really demonstrates that,” said Michitsch.

52 Weeks + 52 Works is available for the public to see at Baldwin Wallace’s Fawick art gallery located in Kleist. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 2pm to 5pm.