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Conservatory Program Thriving

Emma Selmon, Contributing Writer

February 23

Filed under News

The musical styles and interests of the composition majors at the BW Conservatory range widely, but whether they aspire to write music for opera or to create soundtracks for films or video games, one thing they all have in common...

A Discussion With Dining Services

Kalie Johnson, Contributing Writer

April 14

Filed under Features, News, Showcase

When you first started at Baldwin Wallace, you searched for food desperately, eventually landing yourself in one of the dining locations on campus. While at first the options seemed limitless, the dining hall threatening, and...

BW Theatre Review Baldwin Wallace Presents “Big Love” to the Campus

Gabriella Radak, Co-News Editor

April 14

Filed under Features, News, Showcase

The Theatre and Dance Department brought a lesson in love to the Allman Theater with the showing of Big Love, running from March 30th through April 3rd. Based off of the Greek play “The Suppliants” written by Aeschylus, Big Love...

What’s Up With Room Draw?

Katie Rider

April 14

Filed under Features, News, Showcase

On Sunday April 10, students will line up in the basement of Baldwin Wallace’s Strosacker Union to begin to the process known as “room draw.” Due to its archaic nature, it has led to major complaints from the students that...