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  • Senior Arts Show Opens Soon

    Senior Arts Show Opens Soon

    Adam Ross, Co-Editor

    February 23, 2017

    A piece of clay, a hunk of metal, a blank canvas. What do you see when you look at them? Do you see a simple object or do you see a way that it can come alive? Baldwin Wallace features a very fine art school, teaching students to express their creativity in a wide variety of media. This creativity... READ MORE »»

    Olivia, Bianco. Oliphant.

    Olivia Bianco

  • Alumni Spotlight: Aziz Ahmad

    Alumni Spotlight: Aziz Ahmad

    Alicia Key, Contributing Writer

    February 23, 2017

    Aziz Ahmad is a recent graduate, who had been actively involved on and off campus since his freshman year. Even after graduating last semester, Aziz continues to commit himself to the pursuit of meaningful civic engagement to better the lives of the communities around him. As stated previously, Aziz... READ MORE »»

    Aziz Ahmad


The Benefits of BW

Grace Moryan, Contributing Writer

A couple of years ago, Baldwin Wallace University implemented First-Year Experience (FYE) courses into the Core curriculum. The purpose of these courses is to allow first-year...  Read More »

Feb 23

Conservatory Program Thriving

Emma Selmon, Contributing Writer

The musical styles and interests of the composition majors at the BW Conservatory range widely, but whether they aspire to write music for opera or to create soundtracks for...  Read More »

Feb 23

A Discussion With Dining Services

Kalie Johnson, Contributing Writer

When you first started at Baldwin Wallace, you searched for food desperately, eventually landing yourself in one of the dining locations on campus. While at first the options...  Read More »

Apr 14

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Generational Stereotyping

Katie Rider, Contributing Columnist

Generational stereotyping is the most blatant discrimination I deal with on a daily basis. As I am a minority woman, this may come as a surprise. American news is saturated...  Read More »

Feb 23

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