With $270,000 gift from PNC, BW to fund student scholarships

Students everywhere struggle with affordability. In most cases, when students are seeking and applying for colleges, the university that can provide you with the most affordable package is the one that is most likely to flow to the top. Baldwin Wallace University is striving to become that competitive option for students.

Early last year, Baldwin Wallace introduced a new scholarship opportunity, the PNC Scholarship for Success. Through relationship building with staff at PNC, their two missions aligned in terms of supporting students financially and providing scholarship opportunities, that would allow more students to complete their degrees and borrow fewer loan dollars.

After a charitable gift from PNC, Baldwin Wallace was granted three gifts of 90,000 dollars throughout a three-year period, granting a total of 270,000 dollars, in which the interest will support student scholarships.

With the mission to provide more assistance to students, the university hopes that this opportunity will allow more students to complete their degrees and borrow fewer loan dollars, so BW can become a more assessable and affordable experience, said Danelle Baker-Miller, director of stewardship and strategic grants at Baldwin Wallace University.

“The PNC Foundations Scholarship was created to target first generation college students and low-to-moderate income families, especially those who have exhausted their financial aid resources but still have unmet needs,” said Baker-Miller.

BW’s first year recipient, Arts Management and Entrepreneurship major, Chad Castilla, said he has already recognized the positive impact that the scholarship has had on his life.

“The PNC scholarship has created a situation where I can finish out my last two years at BW without having the financial burden at the forefront of my attention. Instead of seeking a second job or picking up more hours at my first job, I will be able to spend that time exploring career opportunities and advancing my studies,” said Castilla.

The relationship between Baldwin Wallace and the PNC corporation is one of many that BW hopes to acquire throughout the years. It’s this relationship that will provide motivated students with the feeling of comfort and relief as they continue to grow throughout their academic years, said Baker-Miller.

In the end, Baldwin Wallace is always looking for corporations and foundations who connect with their mission, in working to benefit the students, said Castilla.

“Whether it’s professional business connections or BW staff going out of their way to make your college experience, I could not be more grateful to have decided to attend a smaller private institution. The continued support from BW and partnering organizations makes me thankful that a younger version of me found a home in this institution,” said Castilla.