Student artists compete in juried art show


The Student Art Exhibition at Baldwin Wallace University gives students the opportunity to gain recognition for their artistic achievement.
The art programs have contributed knowledge and understanding to the way students formulate their ideas in a visual form. The Student Art Exhibition at BW provides students with an opportunity to display creative work, in a highly public place that honors their pieces as an effective path to learning and knowledge for all.
The Exhibition is a competitive showcase, available for any student on campus to participate in. Each student is permitted five pieces of art maximum that they can enter into the showcase. There are a variety of pieces that are displayed every year, ranging from paintings and photography to jewelry, sculptures, and mix media, said Rich Cihlar, office manager of the arts department and facilitator for the student art exhibition.
“All mediums are vast when it comes to the variety of art work, but that’s what makes the show so unique. You don’t have to be an art major to enter something. Pieces are entered into the showcase based on quality, craftsmanship, and presentation. Each piece needs to have that finishing factor to it,” said Cihlar.
This year the art gallery is estimated to have around 60 to 70 pieces that will be presented at the showcase. Every year the number of pieces that are presented vary, so the Arts Departments encourages students to enter all of their work into the show, especially art majors.
“There are many resources available for students to work on their art, but it’s up to them to put the effort into it. I just want students to make art because they want to make art, not because a professor told them to. You should do it because you love it and it’s a part of your own fabric,” said Cihlar.
Cihlar said there is a total of nine awards that are given out after the show: “The Best of Show” award, which fits the overall credentials of a perfect piece. Then there are first, second, and third awards followed by five honorable mentions. The provost and admissions will also be selecting pieces of art work to support the students, said Cihlar.
“The judges look for effort and stages where the project developed. You can’t pull the wool over a professional’s eyes when it comes to art. They will look for the idea before it was created, and see the process and the end piece through the art work,” said Cihlar.
The BW Student Art Exhibition is a part of the 2019 Ovation Festival, which will be on display from April 12 to the 26 in Kleist Center for Art & Drama. An opening reception will be held on Fri., April 12 from 5-8 p.m.