Res life searches for new RAs

It’s the time of the year when the Office of Residence Life is looking for new students, as well as returning students, to apply to be a resident assistant for the 2020-2021 school year.

Resident assistants are responsible for implementing the basic goals of the Office of Residence Life. This is accomplished by continuously promoting individual and community development. The Office of Residence Life hopes to find prospective resident assistants that can bear the responsibility of being an RA.

Info sessions are available to provide information on what being a resident assistant is all about, as well as what the job entails. Info sessions go through Jan. 21 and can be attended in a new way that the Office of Residence Life is very excited about.

The Office of Residence Life will be conducting a few info sessions through the Residence Life Instagram page, using Instagram Live.

Kerry Mullen, associate director of Residence Life and Student Conduct, said, “We want to use the technology we have to help benefit the student who might be too shy or nervous about coming in person.”

The office hopes this will attract more potential applicants, due to the fact that some people may be too shy to come in person.

The Office of Residence Life likes to call the process of applying to be a resident assistant the three step process.

The three step process begins with the online application submission.

The next step is the group activity. Once the office reaches out an applicant and invites the applicant back, the applicant will complete group activities to see how well they work with others.

“We hope to see students who interact well with others, because as a resident assistant that’s what it is all about, doing well with others,” said Mullen.

Flyers are posted around campus for more information and the Office of Residence Life is available to answer any questions.

Applications for resident assistant are available now and will be open through Jan. 21.