PRISM Concert aims to inspire political activism, protest


PRISM’s annual spring concert will be held later this month on Saturday, March 28 at 8 p.m. in Gamble Auditorium.

This year’s live performance will be centered around the theme of “Roll With the Changes,” commentary on the upcoming election and of the state of the nation.

“Roll With the Changes” aims to inspire political activism and protest, hoping to provide a fresh perspective and encourage students to take action when it comes to the future of their country.

The title of this year’s show is inspired by the classic REO Speedwagon song, which will be PRISM’s closing performance of the night, said Joshua Arkangel, assistant artistic director of this year’s show.

“‘Roll With the Changes’ is a powerful song with a driving energy that we want to leave the audience with,” said Arkange.

At its core, PRISM is about bringing students together from all areas of the university to produce art for the sake of art, and that is what has made it so successful over the years, said Producer Brielle Trussa.

PRISM is known as an organization of student artists and performers who come together to present the student body with several cabaret-style shows throughout the year, said Arkangel.

Unlike typical cabarets, Arkangel said PRISM events, “Roll With the Changes” in particular, have “a collaborative spirit, a blending multiple art forms.”

Trussa said five art forms will be represented, bringing together students of all disciplines through music, visual art, film, theatre, and dance.

“It’s a show that celebrates not only art but inclusion between the Conservatory and liberal arts students, while taking the opportunity to highlight social issues,” said Trussa. “PRISM opens its doors to all students to participate, from arts management to biology, and would love to see the same diversity in the audience.”

This performance is free to all who attend. For more information, visit BWU PRISM on Instagram and Facebook.