PASS Program to give students resources, peace of mind

During college, students are often told that the key to their success can be found within themselves—through hard work and initiative. But Baldwin Wallace, like any good institution of higher education, strives to assist students in many ways in order to help them achieve their goals.

BW’s most recent initiative aimed at helping students succeed is the Positive Action for Student Success (PASS) Program.

The goal of PASS is to provide students with the help they need via a more comprehensive approach. It brings together the different areas and departments on campus that all play key roles in student success.

By allowing these departments to communicate better, the PASS Program will help students find more of the resources they need, more effectively.

The program, supported by the Office of Academic Affairs, is for all students who would like to learn more about four areas: academic learning, career planning, problem solving, and healthy living.

Samantha Villanueva, the LHE Intern in Academic Affairs, is in the process of starting a social media campaign to help spread the word about PASS and its benefits. She says the program is certainly something BW students need to take advantage of.

“These workshops are meant to advise students of critical life skills that they may be struggling with such as time management, mindfulness, deciding majors, written and oratory skills, resumes, interviews, etc,” said Villanueva.

There is a PASS table in the Union from 11am-1pm every Monday, says Villanueva, and at this table students can get a look at all the upcoming events over the next few months.

Katie Flanigan, a Career Advisor in the Office of Career Services, says that PASS offers workshops to allow students to gain more knowledge about the specific areas that will create the foundation for their lives after BW. These include topics like reading habits, mindfulness, and major/career exploration.

“Since I am in Career Services, I present the career-related piece, which this semester is ‘Will You Accept This Major?” Ways to Date Your Major According to The Bachelor,’” Flanigan said,  “Every semester, I get to help students who are trying to figure out what they can do with a certain major, or if they are undecided, how to make an informed decision with the tools/resources we have to offer.”

Flanigan also said that Career Services has spent this past semester re-evaluating their programs and resources to better benefit students.

“We have used the last semester to really jazz up our content to make it more exciting for students, because we know it is important information that they should have,” she said, “All of these efforts allow us to seek out some of the hard-hitting questions while combining a lot of the excellent resources our campus has to offer.”

While PASS is designed to help every student here at BW, it is especially helpful for students who may be struggling at this point in their college lives. With many decisions to make about what the future holds, it is easy to get stressed.

The times, locations, and registration links for the PASS workshops can be found on the PASS webpage through the MyBW Portal, and every session is open to all undergraduate and graduate students.