New student agency to provide graphic design services for campus organizations


Baldwin Wallace’s Digital Media and Design (DMD) Program is introducing the Hive Design Group, a brand-new student design agency that employs DMD majors, where they will take on BW clients’ graphic design needs.

Erica Lull, assistant professor and DMD Program Coordinator, said that there’s been a need for a graphic design group at the university for quite some time.

“I get a lot of emails from different organizations, groups, departments and sometimes individuals that say, ‘you know, I need a poster or some other project, could a student do it?’ Which is a wonderful and great opportunity for students,” said Lull, “but this is a formal way for students to be compensated for their design services.”

Lull said that is exactly what the Hive Design Group aims to do: provide quality design to support campus programs and organizations and give students the opportunity to get a paid, professional experience.

Sara Wichtendahl, adjunct professor of DMD and the director for the Hive Design Group, said there are many benefits that this design group will give to current DMD students.

“They are working on professional projects with an actual client. They are getting reviewed by that client and have to meet the client’s expectations for the design work,” said Wichtendahl. “Students are getting that hands-on experience that’s different than completing assignments in the classroom. It also helps them build a portfolio of pieces outside of classwork that they can show future employers when they do graduate from BW.”

This program is currently employing only Digital Media and Design students, prioritizing their readiness for employment after graduation. To work for the Hive Design Group, students must apply and meet academic requirements. So far, they have hired 13 students to work for the agency.

Over the course of the semester, some students will work on a series of small projects, while others will be tasked with larger, long term client work, said Lull.

“We do both print and web design, we want to cater to the needs of the university,” said Lull.

Hive Design Group is still in its early stages but Wichtendahl said, “A goal of ours would be to consistently grow and have repeat clients come back, even within the university. We’ve already had a couple people reach out with positive feedback, saying ‘hey, we love what you did.’ We are trying to build those relationships to maintain work opportunities for students.”

The Hive Design Group also wishes to expand working with external clients in the near future, as well as collaborations with other BW organizations such as the Digital Marketing Clinic.

Those interested in Hive Design Group’s services should contact [email protected] or visit their website,