BW sports management major works Super Bowl

The Baldwin Wallace University sports management program offers much more than just the usual classroom curriculum. For the sixth year in a row, BW students had the opportunity to attend one of the most significant sporting event in the country: The Super Bowl. 

This year, 21 BW students along with their professors made the trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota where they were able to bring the skills taught in the classroom to life. During the trip, students networked with professionals, volunteered, and learned about the industry. 

The trip allowed students to explore the fundamentals of what it is like to manage the biggest sporting event in the industry. Additionally, the opportunity allowed for a unique resume experience.  

“The Super Bowl gave myself and my classmates an opportunity for professional development that will definitely set us apart when applying for positions,” said junior sports management student, Alyssa Stroyne. 

The week leading up to the Super Bowl involved working activities at the NFL Experience. Students were on location for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Merlin Olsen Luncheon honoring Hall of Fame coach Bud Grant and the Wilf family.  

“Most people just see the game as it is once kickoff happens,” said Stroyne, “but the whole week ahead of the kickoff is when us students got the opportunity to take on some amazing work experiences.” 

Not only did students work with the NFL, but they also visited top sporting organizations in the Minneapolis area. These organizations included the Major League Baseball’s Twins, the National Basketball Association’s Timberwolves, and Steinberg Sports and Entertainment.  

Working with these organizations gave students the opportunity to network with some of the biggest names in sports. These networking opportunities will prove to be valuable as time goes on, as the professional sports industry can be an incredibly difficult field to enter.  

The trip offered BW students the experience of a lifetime while highlighting relevant information taught inside the classroom. The hands-on experience that students were given puts into perspective what it is like to work in the sports management industry.  

Tony Dick, Assistant Professor at BW, said, “For our students to actually be there and see it happen, there’s a lot more value than reading about it in a textbook.” 

For some students, this is their fourth Super Bowl with the BW program. Each year offers a different and exciting experience. Charles Campisi, BW Assistant Professor, has been a part of the Super Bowl program since the start. This trip has become a tradition for himself and the sports management department.  

“The big benefit is always that [the students] get to see a sports mega-event in action,” Campisi said. 

Now that students are back in the classroom, they are continuing to learn about the sports industry while referencing different topics and skills acquired during the trip. 

Many are very eager for next year’s trip to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII.