3 Binge-Worthy Shows for When Quarantine Boredom Strikes

If online classes aren’t keeping you busy enough, there are three thrilling Netflix series that will.

These shows, available to stream on Netflix, all had me hooked after the first episode. We’re all aware that self-quarantine can get pretty boring, so I highly recommend checking out these three binge-worthy series…

Money Heist

With a plan to pull of the biggest heist in history, a criminal mastermind summons a group of eight others to help him do the job.

The plotline in itself is quite unique, filled with intriguing characters that have interesting relationships with one another.

The show has everything: suspense, humor, romance, joy and devastation and will leave you rooting for the bad guy.

The show was originally a Spanish television series, The House of Paper.  You can watch it in Spanish with subtitles, but I recommend using the English voice-over.

Dead to Me

Two grieving women, Jen and Judy, quickly become close friends after meeting at a support group. We soon find out that Judy is hiding something.

This dark comedy will have you laughing one second and dropping your jaw the next.

I don’t want to spoil the show, but lets just say you won’t be prepared for the twists and turns…

With only ten episodes currently available, you’ll fly through this series in no time.

Dirty John

A woman looking for love gets caught in a web of lies and manipulation, putting herself and her family in danger. This is the true story of the beautiful Debra Newell falling for the charming Dr. John Meehan.

The eight-episode series kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

The whole show is based on a true story. John Meehan is real and so are the terrible things he did. I kept finding myself trying to wrap my head around the events that occurred.

I was not prepared for the ending – It was the last thing I would have expected to happen.